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Historical amendments to the Kloz violin

The 1756 Kloz violin Andrew Taheny is borrowing from Cherubim was recently fitted with an eighteenth-century style bridge and soundpost by Anna Tummers in Brighton. Following consultation on Andrew’s requirements and options, Anna chose models that offered the greatest amount of versatility within the parameters of baroque style.

Andrew says: ‘I am extremely happy with the work she has done, because she has managed to retain the instrument’s characteristic sweetness and resonance whilst allowing for the more subtly textured timbre offered by a baroque set-up. She has also adjusted the soundpost so as to achieve a more even balance of sound throughout the violin’s range. Overall I find that these adjustments will allow me to make the most of this beautiful instrument in a variety of settings, blending in period instrument ensembles whilst maintaining the potential to penetrate with a rich solo sound. I’m extremely grateful to the Trust firstly for lending me this instrument, and secondly for agreeing to these enhancements.’

Andrew has recently performed with the Manchester Baroque, as part of their Fellowship Scheme for young period instrument players, and has performed with Eboracum and Instruments of Time & Truth. He is soon to make he first appearance with the Irish Baroque orchestra.


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