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Cherubim loan instrument awardees play at Lower Lawn Farm.png

Cherubim's YouTube Channel

Visit the Cherubim Music Trust YouTube Channel for full listings of concerts and music from events featuring our musicians and their loan instruments.

Since 2012 we have been assisting our awardees with high quality recordings of their performances. There are now two archives of recordings.


The earlier archive on Vimeo  features Heather & Fern Brooks (harp) Sam Wilson & George Barton (percussion), Gabriella Jones & Rebekah Reid (violin), Octavia Lamb & Bokun Wei (flutes), Daniel Bovey (guitar), Josh Salter, Nina Kiva & Kieran Carter (cello), Diogo Gomes (vibraphone), Joseph Shiner, Jenni Moss & Seth Jordan (clarinet), Finn Murphy (piano), and others.

The more recent archive is on uTube. Here you can see 100+ concert videos

Octavia Lamb, Isabelle Ashton, Grace Callaghan & Bokun Wei (flutes),

Ivan Rogachev, Joseph Shiner, Jenni Moss & Seth Jordan (clarinet),

Gareth Humphreys & Emily Ambrose (bassoon & ContraBassoon),

Heather & Fern Brooks, Maria & Zoë McNamee, Niina Kiva, Clara Gatti-Comini & Aisha Palmer (harp)

Daniel Bovey (guitar),

Gabriella Jones & Rebekah Reid (violin),

Oscar Holch (viola),

Danushka Edirisinghe, Josh Salter, Nina Kiva, Theo Bently Curtin, Carolina Lopez del Nero, Samuel Ng, & Kieran Carter (cello),

Avishka Edirisinghe, Ekaterina Grabova, Finn Murphy & Sten Henoija (piano),

Diogo Gomes (vibraphone),

Sehyogue Aulakh, Toril Azzalini-Machecler, Sam Wilson & George Barton (percussion),

Jamie Farrington, Sean Norris, Finn Murphy (electronics) and others.

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