How to apply to The Cherubim Trust


Cherubim exists to give talented young musicians access to instruments that match their performance needs. If you meet our criteria we warmly welcome an application, but it should be understood that our funding for acquisitions depends largely on the donations of our supporters, so applicants need to be aware that this can take months rather than weeks. It is in applicants’ best interest to make an attractive and convincing a presentation, including a good photo, that shows a proactive attitude.

  • Aged 15-25

  • First study instrumentalists resident or studying in the UK

  • Based within 200 miles of London

Applicants should be:

  • Cherubim does not give grants or loan money.

  • Cherubim does not acquire /loan electronic equipment or instruments whose value depreciates rapidly.

  • For logistical reasons we don’t plan to acquire more pianos.

  • A loan charge is payable based on the value of the instrument: up to £3k – £11pcm. £3-7k – £16 pcm. £7-11k – £21 pcm. £11-14k – £26pcm. over £14k – £31 pcm. Application can be made to the Trustees on grounds of hardship.

  • An administration fee is also payable: £4 pcm for college students, or £10 pcm for postgraduates. There is no admin charge for pupils at secondary school.

Please note:

In particular, Cherubim instruments may not be taken out of the UK except with the written permission of the Trust. For full details see PDF download.

Terms & conditions apply to loans

Online Applications

Postal Applications

  • Application form – download as a PDF or as a Word document.

  • A good quality photo, ideally holding the appropriate instrument.

  • Letter of recommendation from your teacher or HoD.

Contrabassoon Loan - additional requirement

 Instruments on loan


We welcome applications for instruments not on our list, which may feature in a forthcoming appeal.