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Bach at Wardour Chapel

Seating Plan

The chapel seating areas have differing quality of view and sound - higher priced tickets will have the better qualities.

Please see the diagram and sight/sound indications below.

Wardour Tkt plan5.jpg

Front 6 pews       £44        optimal view & sound

Chancel L             £39        view of keyboard

Chancel R             £30       no view of keyboard

Organ gallery       £33       good view & sound

Tribunes L&R       £30        good view & sound

Rear 8 pews         £25       good sound, fair view

Back seats            £18       at very rear

Getting here

On arrival turn right to the carpark. It is then a short walk to the Chapel. A map to the venue can be found at

If you are bringing someone who cannot walk far it is permitted to drive them straight ahead to the Chapel door, but you should then go to the carpark.

There will probably not be an interval, although a pause may be made to check the harpsichord tuning.
We are hopeful that there will be no restrictions due to Covid. We will monitor the situation and inform you of any guidelines in advance of the event.

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