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Our Handel Spectacular is fast-approaching

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Big preparation for the Handel spectacular – all going smoothly. The Cherubim Chamber Choir has reached its full complement of 36. While the Cherubim Chamber Orchestra suffered a few casualties, which led to reserves being drafted in, it’s now up to strength, with Cherubim Young Musicians coming from as far afield as Manchester and Cambridge.

Our star flautist Lily Owens has a prior engagement with a major orchestra and so Maxwell Steer will step in to perform a Handel Flute Sonata on Wardour Chapel’s 1791 Samuel Green organ.

Audience numbers now stand at 2/3rds capacity, and every day sees more ticking in. The main thing we’re looking at now is infrastructure, tiresome things like parking and ushering, to say nothing of feeding, marshaling and transporting everyone. But we can't wait!

The below photo is from our Purcell Weekend 2022, also in the beautiful Wardour Chapel, Tisbury.


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