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Fixing the unfixable bow

What delight to discover a true craftsman in an improbable location – the garden shed in a modern housing estate in Amesbury!

Glyn Jones is a luthier of thirty years standing who makes, repairs and sells violins from his home near Salisbury. We had a problem with the frog (adjustable slide tensioning the hair) on one of our bows, which another luthier, who shall be nameless, said was unfixable. Glyn replaced an internal nut in 30 minutes, and hey presto! It’s right as rain.

What made it altogether a delightful experience was Glyn’s expertise and enthusiasm. Ahead of him you see a chest of drawers full of useful widgets, and out of shot is a lovely cabinet full of different varnishes and glues. A great pleasure and a happy ending to a tricky saga.

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