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Sebastian Young

Violin: Chanot (Mter) 'Hopkins' violin & Erwin Mahler bow

Currently a full time, senior music scholar at King's Bruton, Sebastian Young specialises in violin, trombone and vocal performance.
He has performed with the following: Magdalen Farm Strings (Principal Violinist for 2024), ECSOC, The Rodolfus Choral Foundation, Joe Arnold and Trinity Laban Trombones, The University of Cambridge (choral and open days), South Somerset Youth Orchestra, Amos Miller (trombone), Emily White (Violin and Trombone) and Wells Cathedral School.
In 2020 he was chosen as the overall winner of The Weymouth and Dorset Music Festival.
“I am already thoroughly enjoying the challenge of grade 8 repertoire (for violin); however, my teacher and I both agree that I am struggling to maximise my potential in doing so due to the limitations of my instrument. I am a busy and hardworking musician. My love for music is what drives me to achieve my potential in all areas of study, not just violin.”
As Cherubim’s new recipient of the Chanot Hopkins Violin and Erwin Mahler bow Sebastian hopes to continue to develop his playing with a view to studying music at Undergraduate level with applications currently underway.

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