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Marikit Akiwumi

Sax Bari – Chiltern black laquer

Marikit Akiwumi is a 14-year-old multi-instrumentalist and has just been awarded the loan of our beautiful new Howarth Baritone Saxophone. We have recently purchased this saxophone with a bequest from Ann Holmes, and it is a fully professional instrument.
Marikit is absolutely thrilled and we are so excited to assist her on her musical journey. Marikit aspires to be a professional musician and her instruments include: vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, alto sax, baritone sax, clarinet and electric guitar! She made her professional debut in the 2021-22 UK Tour of School of Rock, playing the role of bassist, Katie. This tour was seen by 100,000 people and streamed on TV to 9.8 million viewers.
Marikit is also a very active musician at her school, and she is part of the Wandsworth Music Academy, the Artist Development Plan ‘Tomorrow’s Warriors’ and the Julian Joseph Jazz Academy

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