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Ivan Rogachev

Clarinet A - Buffet, 'Donovan'

Bass Clarinet, Buffet, ‘Savile Club’

Ivan Rogachev is a passionate and diverse clarinetist balancing his career between solo, orchestra and chamber music.

Ivan completed his first degree at Mussorgsky College in Saint-Petersburg with Alexey Tikhonov in 2018. By that time he was already a laureate of several competitions and festivals in Russia, including “Weber international Clarinet Music Competition” (1st prize). At 16 Ivan was selected as an artist of the Saint-Petersburg House of Music and has performed through Russia and abroad.

He won a position at Britten-Shostakovich Festival Orchestra in 2019 during his first year at RAM. During his second year he became one of the awardees of the Cherubim Trust and won a solo clarinet position at London Sinfonietta Academy in 2020. He has performed in the Southbank Sinfonia orchestra, London Film Music orchestra, Firebird Orchestra and many others.

In 2019 he was accepted by the Royal Academy of Music with full scholarship to study with Mark Van de Wiel winning the prestigious Hattori Foundation Award and first prize at the “Buffet-Crampon competition” in his first year. He has been awarded a “Special Talent” diploma at Brugges clarinet Festival in 2019 for solo performance. In 2021, Ivan won the “Buffet clarinet prize” at the RAM. In 2022 he graduated with a First-class and a “Regency” award for distinguished musicianship.

As a chamber musician he was awarded “Dolzhikov international Music Competition” with his trio in Moscow in 2018 (1st prize).

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