Ivan Rogachev

Clarinet A - Buffet, 'Donovan'

Bass Clarinet, Buffet, ‘Savile Club’

Born in St. Petersburg, Ivan has studied at the Children's Art School No.2 and the St. Petersburg Musical College. He currently studies at the Royal Academy of Music with Mark van de Wiel on a full scholarship. Before this he studied at the Royal Northern College of Music with Nicholas Cox, again on a scholarship.

Ivan performs regularly in the UK and in Russia, both as an orchestral player and a soloist. He has also participated in several masterclasses and won many international competitions. In 2019 he was awarded the Eb Clarinet chair in the Britten-Shostakovich Festival Orchestra- a bi-national ensemble bringing together young people of conservatoire age from the UK and Russia in a shared cultural experience.

Ivan has been awarded the Cherubim Buffet 'Michael Donovan' A Clarinet and will be using it regularly as he continues to perform across Europe and Russia.

This clarinet is the first of three instruments to be funded by a bequest from the estate of Michael Donovan.