Aled Meredith-Barrett

Tuba - B&S F Orchestral, 'Charles Steer'

Aled is an associate of the London Philharmonic Orchestra Foyle Future Firsts Scheme is a member of the London Sinfonietta Academy.

He has a BMus from the Royal Academy of Music, London from where he is awaiting completion of his MA and LRAM.

"This instrument will help me greatly, allowing me to fulfil upcoming engagements with my brass quintet, Connaught Brass, on an F tuba, (instead of on a British Eb tuba which can sometimes sound too heavy) until I can purchase my own.

Upcoming concerts include a performance at Barnes Music Festival, Lake District Summer Music and a tour to the Dordogne region of France and Switzerland (performing at Ferrandou Musique and Lucerne Festival Debut Series respectively).

During my time at the Academy, I have been allowed to borrow their F tuba, but, that will no longer be possible after I graduate in July 2021 and I currently do not have the funds to purchase my own just yet.

This tuba will also allow me to have a chance at winning a competition outside the UK, where the British Eb tuba is at a disadvantage due to its heaviness. Having already competed at the Geneva International Tuba Competition in January 2020, I have experienced it first hand, the difference between the two tubas and how the F is much more suitable for solo repertoire. It will also allow me to compete for jobs outside the UK, where the F tuba is the preferred instrument."