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Helping Tomorrow’s Musicians Today

Cherubim Music Trust is a national charity that loans professional-calibre orchestral instruments to advanced music students, normally aged from 15-25, who cannot afford one that matches their ability. Now in its 22nd year Cherubim owns or manages over 40 instruments valued at £400,000.

The trust actively builds its instrument bank through donations and fundraising events, offers performing opportunities to its young musicians, and inspiring educational events to schools and the community. To find out more about loaning an instrument, or to support our work through donations or partnerships, please explore the links above.

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Today Lily Owens received her silver Levit flute on loan, for which we have received £15,500 in donations. She is our 96th awardee, and holds our 44th Cherubim instrument, taking the value of our collection to over £400,000. We are naming it the ‘Savile Club – David Ganderton’ flute: the former in honour of the source of so many donors celebrating 100 Aperitif Concerts in the Savile Club, the latter celebrating our former Chair and the esteem in which he was held by the many friends & relatives who contributed.  


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