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Higher Education success for awardee Katy Baker

Some brilliant news for our cello awardee Katy Baker. Katy has been awarded places in the UK and USA to study music or to study double degree programmes with music as one of the degrees; she has been very fortunate to be awarded very significant merit scholarships in many places. Her offers include: Royal College of Music, Durham University (Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship), John Hopkins University/Peabody Institute (Premier Talent Scholarship), Vanderbilt University/Blair School of Music (Martha River Ingram Scholarship/Crescere Aude Merit Scholarship), Oberlin College and Conservatoire (John F Oberlin Scholarship and Oberlin Commitment Scholarship), University of Rochester (Prince Street Scholarship), New York University, Boston University, University of Michigan, Kings College London and Bristol University.

What a list! We certainly don’t envy Katy’s decision but we are thrilled for her. Thoroughly deserved!


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