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Violin – JC Kloz 1756 ‘Keith Dale’ with two bows by E Hoffer

The JC Kloz violin was bought at auction in April 2017 with an endowment in memory of Keith Dale. The instrument has been authenticated to its creation by Jo[h]an Carol Kloz in Mittenwald in 1756. It is a powerful but sweet-toned violin, dating from within Handel’s lifetime. This was immediately clear when original awardee and baroque leader Gabriella Jones tried it in the hubbub of the audition room directly before the auction. It was clearly audible above the din of 30 other people trying instruments.
After purchase some modifications were made to return the Kloz to a baroque setup. The endowment provided for us to equip it with a baroque and an early classical bow in order to make it versatile for all historically informed performance practice. These were commissioned from the contemporary Ducth-Isræli bowmaker Eitan Hoffer.
The purchase cost of the ‘Keith Dale’ violin and bows was £15,300; and its insurance value is presently £18,500.

Violin – JC Kloz 1756 ‘Keith Dale’ with two bows by E Hoffer

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