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Oboe - Howarth XL ‘Rutter’

Generously loaned by the music photographer Nick Rutter, the XL Oboe is Howarth’s top of the range model, priced at £11,7000. The XL Model has been carefully designed for the exacting demands of professional performers, taking into consideration the desired sound and response from the instrument. The XL has a large bore, and the wall thickness has been developed to give a big sound with classical projection.
Technical Specification: Full Conservatoire System, Automatic Octaves, 3rd Octave Key, C-D Trill Key (x2), C-C# Trill Key, Extra trill mechanisms (low C-C#, Ab-Bb, Ab-A, Eb-F) with C# articulation, undercut tone holes, and low Bb vent.
It has been fully refurbished.

Oboe - Howarth XL ‘Rutter’

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