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Flute - Powell Conservatory

The latest addition to the Cherubim Music Trust’s woodwind section is the superb Powell Conservatory model flute.

The Powell Handmade Conservatory Silver Flute is an outstanding conservatory level model made by respected American flute makers, Verne Q Powell.

With the added benefit of 0.925 silver body tubing / head-joint together with excellent smoothness and reliability of the pin-less mechanism, advanced players are able to create a wide range of rich, resonant and colourful tones.

The highly respected American flute makers, Verne Q. Powell (established in 1927-USA) have combined a wealth of knowledge and skills from a collection of over fifty engineers, artists, craftsman and flautists. Together with eighty years of tradition and technological advances, they have created an array of flute ranges that have become a popular choice by artists the world over.

Powell have created a conservatory range of flutes with the unique ‘Powell Sound’, whilst still maintaining an affordable price.

With a solid silver body-tube and head-joint, together with excellent reliability of the mechanism, this model is incredible value for money.

Flute - Powell Conservatory

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