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Violin Bow - Weichold 'Richard Barker'

This lightweight, octagonal, flexible and strong bow is crafted of pernambuco with an ebony frog and silver mounts. It is perfectly balanced, centre and agile, producing a bright, warm, sweet sound. This bow was bought at auction by Nigel Brodrick-Barker in 2016 and presented to the Trust in memory of his son Richard Barker.

Richard Weichold (1823-1902) is considered one of the finest names of late 19thC German bowmaking. He studied under HR Pfretzschner, then Germany’s leading bowmaker, in Marktneukirche but returned to his native Dresden where he both crafted and dealt in bows, supplying to the foremost virtuosi of his day.

Violin Bow - Weichold 'Richard Barker'

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