Heather Brookes

Heather started playing the harp age 10 with Professor Daphne Boden and has passed her Grade 8 with Distinction. Heather has had much success including 1st Place, Outstanding and Distinctions at Croydon, Bromley and North London Music Festivals, as a Soloist, Composer and in Ensemble. Heather won the club, regional and district rounds of The Rotary Young Musician of the Year 2015 and was 3rd in the National Final.  

In July 2015 Heather was awarded the long term loan of “The Charles Steer Promenaders Salvi Aurora Harp” by The Cherubin Music Trust. The adjudicators commented that Heather took charge of the instrument from the start and it was a unanimous decision.

Heather is the conductor’s assistant with The National Youth Harp Training Orchestra of G.B. And she is Section Leader for the Main Orchestra. The Orchestra has 30+ members and is the only one of its kind in the UK. Heather has performed Solo’s at Cadogan Hall, Menuhin Hall and Croydon Fairfield Halls. The NYHO premiered Heathers “World Harp Symphony” at St Georges Chapel Windsor Castle 2015. Heather ‘s most recent competition win was The Purcell School Student Showcase and she will be performing at The Wigmore Hall on 21st September 2016. Heather has a Government Music and Dance Scheme Scholarship and is a Benificary of The Robert Bouffler Music Trust. In her spare time Heather is a keen bell ringer and in April she rang her first quarter peel.


Most recently Heather has helped to organise fundraising concert’s at home, inviting up to twelve people to be an audience and informing them of the two charities that help support her. Heather says “she really enjoys these performances as the audience are always friendly and she feels they can really get the chance to appreciate the sound she makes on the harp”. 

Fern Brooks 

Fern started playing harp age 8 with Luisa Cordell and passed Grade 3 with Distinction.  Fern has been awarded a Government Music and Dance Scheme Scholarship to attend The Purcell Music School and starts August 2016. She therefore now shares in the award of the harp to her sister. Fern is a Beneficiary of The Robert Bouffler Music Trust and a member of The National Youth Harp Training Orchestra. Fern enjoys Gymnastic /Trampolining with the Gatwick Flyers and is in their Elite Squad.

Heather and Fern very much enjoy their regular performances at three of our local care homes, Orchard Court, Greathead Manor and St Barnabas a residential home for retired Clergy, who are a very discerning and appreciative audience. The girls generally play a concert followed by eating cake and mingling and on occasions if a resident is too unwell to attend the main concert the girls take their harps to the residents room for a personal concert (some of our proudest moments as parents). Both girls also regularly help to organise and put on charity concerts at our local church St Peter’s  and St Paul’s to help raise funds on behalf of The Friends of the Church.