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Appointment of a new Director in 2023

New Director

Cherubim Music Trust is seeking a new Director to replace Michael Maxwell Steer in early 2023. S/he will have creative and managerial responsibility for the direction of the Trust under the authority of the Trustees. S/he will lead a core team of part-time professionals and volunteers, who are Administrative Director, Social Mediator, Treasurer and Webmaster.



The Director will ideally be a music or arts admin graduate with experience of small trust management and an understanding of private philanthropy fund-raising. S/he should have a vision for the future of art music and understand how to serve and motivate all our stakeholders.. S/he needs to be able to communicate coherently and persuasively, and have an overview of the processes of photography, design, audio-visual production and social media. 


Who we are

Cherubim Music Trust is a national charity based in Tisbury, Wiltshire that loans some 40 professional-calibre orchestral instruments for five year periods to advanced music students, aged 15-25, who cannot afford one that matches their ability. Now in its 22nd year Cherubim, the Trust has built a strong supporter base in Wiltshire, lending instruments to students at many of the major academies and specialist schools all over the country.


What the job involves

How the incoming Director builds on these existing relationships will be a large part of the handover process, and be dependent on where s/he is located and the strengths s/he can offer. While most of the work is online, there is a physical dimension to the job which involves traveling to meet awardees, take responsibility for the maintenance and occasional storage of instruments, and concert presentation. There is an administrative side to the role, shared with the Administrator, which requires precision record-keeping. For these practical reasons the Trustees expect that shortlisted candidates would be based in London or on an axis towards the southwest.  

For further details see director.role10.pdf.    


Terms & Remuneration

The salary offered is £21,000 p.a. as a 0.5 post, equivalent to £42,000 p.a. The Director works approximately 86 hours per month, balancing hours flexibly between months according to work flow to ensure deadlines are met. 3 weeks, or 60 hours, will constitute paid holiday entitlement, commencing on confirmation. Travel expenses are paid, and a technology allowance may be considered.

There is a six month probationary period for induction /handover by the current Director. During this the incoming Director will prepare a fund-raising strategy for agreement by the Trustees, which s/he will then implement on confirmation. On confirmation a contract will be offered with a minimum notice period of 3 months for both parties. The director has the option of Class 1 employment (with tax deduction) or Class IV with self-employed status (no tax deduction). 

The Trustees hope that on appointment the Director will be willing to commit for a period of years so that relationships with all stakeholders can mature and flourish.


Application & dates

Candidates should apply with a resumé, a personal statement about their interests, ambitions and accomplishments; and a one page ‘vision summary’ of how they would take the Trust forward.

October 15 – closing date for applications.

November 3/4 – preliminary interviews.

December 8/9 – interviews of shortlisted candidates.

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