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Cherubim Festival, 2018

Four contrasted concerts – featuring Cherubim Chamber Orchestra, donc, Harry Bradford. 

1 Between Rock & a Soft Space – Toril Azzalini-Machecler (Cherubim marimba) + Finn Murphy (Cherubim artist) Jamie Farrington, Sean Norris, electronics.

2 Behind the Façade – Octavia Lamb (Cherubim artist, Arnold Flute Concerto), Josh Salter (Cherubim artist, Vivaldi Cello Concerto), Diogo Gomes (Cherubim artist, Séjourné Vibraphone Concerto), Gabriella Jones (Cherubim artist, Bach Am Violin Concerto). Walton/Sitwell Façade, narrators Pippa Haywppd & Martin Vander Weyer.

3 Kidstravaganza. Poulenc Babar the Elephant (arranged & directed by Felix Rigg) with Kirsty McLean

4 Contemplative Choral Concert. Bach Cantata Movements, The Quiet Spaces (premiere) by MM Steer. Lacock Scholars & Soloists, accompanied by Gabriella Jones, Josh Salter & MM Steer.

The Quiet Spaces :: Poems Sally Purcell :: Music Michael Maxwell Steer

The Quiet Spaces :: Poems Sally Purcell :: Music Michael Maxwell Steer

To get the full benefit of the poetry, TURN ON CAPTIONS in the settings (below right). The Quiet Spaces by Sally Purcell 1. Eternal Image 2. First Mystery 3. Poem for Lent or Advent 4. Magi 5. I see them walking in an air of glory 6. Rilke Poems written 1985-1997 by Sally Purcell (1945-1998) Music composed 2012 by Michæl Maxwell Steer (1946-) Performed by The Lacock Scholars, conductor Greg Skidmore, at Cherubim Youth Music Festival, 15 Sep 2018 in Wiltshire. 1 Eternal Image Eternal image, able to roam throughout the inconceivable, descended into deprivation to make earth once articulate in man's body Christ glorified, matter given shaping speech according to His word. In this place of separation where buried Osiris blackens, man's own images may recall some dignity of their distant source of harmony in God's mind, as matter given shaping speech echoing His word. Lake and Labyrinth 1985 2 First Mystery She who is to be God's garden waits at the heart of stillness. All paths have led to this moment. The angel bows before humility and innocence in their house of gold, their power to change all worlds. Between them on the lily's boughs* a man hangs crucified. undated manuscript 3 Pœm for Lent or Advent Signs and shadows have been gathering reality as they rush upward to the surface of time; they break into our minds’ air, snatch us through knowledge of the visible, through the game of images, into that Love Who sawed both cross and cradle out of the same tree. Fossil Unicorn 1997 4 Magi Magi moving among the stars intricately carve smooth air, polish and plane it like stone, Under another sun reveal map and fossil in its veins. Their tranquil roads of solitude, almost immortal, run close to ours, parallel a moment, then swirling out, comet-like, into the night of years. Within their crowned glass alembic reposes a flaw, stain or garden – the moment of human magic before Pentecostal cracking and crying of thunder. Lake and Labyrinth 1985 5 I see them walking in the Air of glory Hedged around by golden light the blessèd move in labyrinth or procession of prayer within unbroken Eden, among living waters and small tame hills – motionless in mosaic's book of air. Delight that has roots in the body's debatable ground is not here destroyed, but transmuted, raised to a higher power. Lake and Labyrinth 1985 Envoi: Rilke Even if we know love’s landscape and the little churchyard with its mourning names, and the frighteningly silent ravine for which others are bound, time & again we walk together under ancient trees, time & again lie down among the flowers opposite the sky. Lake and Labyrinth 1985
Inheritance by Sean Norris 2

Inheritance by Sean Norris 2

Performed by Sean Norris, Jamie Farrington, Finn Cherubim Youth Music Festival ’18, 14 Sep 2018 at Compton Marbling, Fonthill Gifford, Wiltshire Inheritance. Inspired more by questions that ask whether something is possible rather than what something means, Inheritance develops the concepts of synchronicity and information exchange in musical performance. Each performer controls a digital synthesiser using a LEAP Motion controller. The synthesizers are set up to interpret the distance between a performer’s hands as a value to define the pitch of one of the synthesizer’s oscillators. When a performer claps, their synthesizer samples the hand distances of the other two performers, and uses the information to control a range of parameters which define pitch and other features according to a predetermined set of patterns, within which the performers’ free improvisation takes place. Sean Norris composes music and makes digital art with computers, musical instruments and soldering irons. Also a GSMD student, he is influenced by electronic music, hardcore rock, and commercial media installations, his work focuses on creating intersectional experiences with audio and visuals, as well as on exploring custom interfaces with which to create sound and music. Cherubim Music Trust is a charity that loans professional-calibre orchestral instruments to advanced music students in the UK, aged 15-25, who cannot afford one that matches their ability. See
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