Bassoon – Moosmann, ‘the Rothermere-Gosling’

Rothermere-Gosling Bassoon from Cherubim Music Trust

Moosmann Bassoon No. 200 Soloist Model



Bought in 2011 with donations from the Rothermere and Gosling Foundations, the Moosmann 200 Soloist Model Bassoon is currently on loan to its second awardee. See Gareth Humphreys perform Mozart’s Bassoon Concerto on it below.


Seasoned curly mountain maple wood from Bosnia, stained mahogany; French polish lacquer; 27 keys made of German silver, silver-plated; all fingerholes have hard rubber tubes, protruding inside the bore; 9 rollers.

  • Seasoned curly mountain maple

  • French polish lacquer finish

  • High-D-key

  • E/F# trill key/ left hand, middle finger

  • C# trill right hand, 1st finger

  • Double Bb key/ right hand, 3rd finger

  • Double low C key, removeable

  • Tubes protruding inside bore

  • Silverplated keywork

  • Double Eb/ C# D# trill key

  • High-E-key

Bassoon - Moosmann 'Rothermere-Gosling'.